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Alexander Freer’s philosophical approach to lighting design tends to be architectural in execution. He strives to find the most seamless way of not only helping to tell the story of the piece, but allowing his lighting to be integrated into the physical world as much as possible. His theatrical work has been influenced by his time working and studying in immersive theater and architectural lighting. When creating lighting designs in performance based collaborations, he looks to find ways to integrate his lighting as elements that are present not only within the piece, but also within in the physical elements of the space. A strong mixture of lighting in both the scenic and physical world is a concept that he is constantly pursuing and refining.

Collaboration is essential to a successful design, and Alexander has had a plethora of collaboration opportunities on projects stateside and internationally. He’s had the opportunity to work in locations such as China, Russia, Iceland and the Czech Republic amongst others. These positions have further exposed him to culturally diverse methods, affording him the impetus for professional growth. His far flung travels have become a resource that he is able to pull from while designing. These experiences also continue to inspire him to push further in not only his professional life, but in his personal life as well.

In the United States, Alexander has pursued his career on both coasts, as well as a multitude of places in between. While in New York before attending graduate school, Alexander spent his time working professionally in the theater lighting industry performing jobs ranging from electrician to lighting designer, and everything in between. He even spent a short stint working as a maintenance person for a small bed and breakfast in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.

Alexander has been invited to both secondary and college level schools as a guest lecturer and lighting designer. These teaching assignments were both rewarding and successful.

He presently holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theater from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and a Masters of Fine Arts in Lighting Design from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.

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